GTE introduces Profile Industries to their Australian and New Zealand clients.

Rotary Sort

The rotary sorter test demo machine from Profile Industries has arrived at GTE Technology.


GTE Technology (GTE) prides itself on creating exclusive partnerships with leading global manufacturers, including PETKUS, Kahl, and Schule. Our most recent partnership is with American-based company Profile Industries. This partnering expands GTE seed cleaning technologies.

Regarding this exclusive partnership, Nick Smith, managing director at GTE, said, “Profile Industries is the global design and manufacturing expert in rotary sorters. We are thrilled to empower our clients with world-leading technologies, enabling them to produce higher yields and work more efficiently and sustainably.”

“This partnership introduces Profile Industries to new markets, offering GTE’s potential and current clients access to the latest and most innovative sorting solutions,” said Profile Industries President Steve Dejong.

Like GTE, Profile Industries is a family business passionate about advancing the seed, feed, and food industries through problem-solving. Together, we are building solution-driven seed cleaning lines that reduce waste, increase quality, and meet global food standards.  
Watch to learn more about Profile Industries rotary sorter.

“Our clients want to improve quality and reduce waste. The rotary sorter offers unique solutions that others cannot offer.”

The rotary sorter is a highly efficient patent-pending equipment that allows you to sort out irregular shaped seed, splits and flat contaminants or even flat seed from perfectly round seeds. Adding a rotary sorter to your line can reduce your good seed loss by 20% and offer you 50% greater quality and 99% separation efficiency.

When asked, GTE’s sales consultant, Rajiv Iyer highlighted some of the major benefits. “Profile Industries rotary sorter offers higher sorting efficiency than similar options available in the market. It can eliminate impurities that traditional cleaning and sorting equipment cannot remove. Furthermore, it uses minimal power outlay and reduces wastage of good seed. The rotary sorter is simple to use and easily maintained.”

The rotary sorters, combined with PETKUS Optical Sorter OS t901, complement GTE’s seed and grain cleaning lines effortlessly. The rotary sorter could be used in a cleaning line after the standard separations based on shape and size are completed. Using a rotary sorter before a Gravity Separator and Colour Sorter enhances the efficiency of the process, improving the precision of the Gravity Table and the Colour Sorter. In many instances, clients use the rotary sorter to reclaim the good seed lost during cleaning and sorting.  Resulting in a higher return on investment for the client.

Thus, rotary sorters are a great addition to seed and grain processing lines reducing wastage, increasing good product yield, and having flexible and maintenance free equipment.

Discover how this equipment can enhance your seed cleaning line. Contact us today to schedule your test demonstration of the rotary sorter at GTE Head Office in Ballarat, Victoria.