Introducing GTE Technology

GTE management team

Today, we turn the page to the next chapter, GTE Technology.


Since the business was founded in 2011, Nick and Charles Smith have strived for continuous improvement, seeking tomorrow’s technology today.

What began as a solo business venture, primarily providing maintenance for stock feed machinery, grew into equipment optimisation and eventually, design and manufacture.
With a clear vision to produce unmatched market-driven technology and services, we have continued to expand and thrive over the past 13 years, albeit remaining a wholly-owned Australian family business employing over 50 expert staff.

Our partnerships with Petkus, Kahl, and more recently, Profile Industries complement our proprietary technology to ensure we deliver world-leading solutions.

Today, we turn the page to the next chapter, GTE Technology.
This brand refresh is an evolution, respecting our heritage but modernising our business for the future.

The new look keeps our signature orange, but we have embedded a modern logo to visually represent the seed, feed, and food industries we operate in. The strength of the design reflects the sturdiness, quality, reliability, and confidence that customers have come to know and respect. While the ‘swish’ represents forward-thinking, moving technology, and advancement.

We were often perceived to be encapsulated within the “grain” or seed industry. This no longer serves the complexity and diversity of our business and clientele. There were also other “Graintechs”, domestic and international whose products are incomparable. They do not hold up to the quality and reliability a GTE Technology product is recognised for.

The demand for our expertise and services drives us to do more for our customers. We are here, as we have done every step of the way, to forge our own path. Our business is all-encompassing of technology, reflected in the dynamic and progressive nature of our products and offering.

A forthcoming Research & Development facility under construction will allow us to vigorously test and measure the capabilities of our machines before they leave for installation. As well as in-house R&D, this facility allows the training of clients to ensure operational competence and best practice utilisation.

This facility will also showcase the latest GTE Technology seed coating and drying alongside PETKUS optical sorting and seed cleaning technology. This will allow collaboration with clients to develop cutting-edge plants and processes including seed testing, recipe development, and education.

With this change in our brand identity comes bolstering our leadership structure.
As the client base continues to expand internationally, Nick Smith, Managing Director, will oversee Growth, Global Investment, and Research and Development. Nick’s innovative mindset and thought leadership holds the business accountable for pursuing improvement and meeting changing demands.

Charles Smith has realigned to focus on Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Service as Operations Director. Charles’ new scope will allow him to drive long-term strategic plans and share his expertise with our technical teams.

New to the team is Tim Smith in the role of General Manager. Tim oversees overall business support activities and shores up our customer-first quality service philosophy.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you. Shared journey, shared success.