Asian Seed Congress – shared success

GTE awarded Most Educational Booth


GTE, alongside its exclusive partners PETKUS and Profile Industries, presented their products, technologies, and concepts for ‘seeding the future, today’ at the 28th Asian Seed Congress in Christchurch, New Zealand. This remarkable event is the largest and most significant in the seed industry, hosting 1,500+ delegates over four days and includes business meetings, entertainment, a trade exhibition, and technical sessions.

The vibrant, successful week concluded with a grand banquet awards night. GTE, together with its partners PETKUS and Profile Industries, won the award for ‘Most Educational Booth’. Our booth showcased highly innovative technologies, live demonstrations, immersive AR experiences and our experts engaged with visitors. Given the high standard of exhibitors, we are delighted to have received this award from APSA.

Nick Smith, Marcel Wolbrink, Rajiv Iyer, Mark Scholze, Charles Smith and Tommy Saatzer.

 Shared journey, shared success

Global food production starts with seed. GTE understands the importance of advancing the seed industry and is committed to providing specialist, technologically focused turnkey manufacturing equipment. Our aim is to empower our clients to work more efficiently and sustainably.

The 28th Asian Seed Congress provided the ideal platform for delegates to explore GTE and its global partners’ technologies. Our exhibit showcased GTE’s patented Seed Coater and Fluidised Bed Dryer, PETKUS Optical Sorter for fine seeds, and Profile Industries Rotary Sorter. Our team of experts from Australia, Germany, the USA, China, the Netherlands, and India were present to answer all questions related to seed processing, sorting, and enhancement technology. Together, we are creating tomorrow’s seed, feed, and food tech for today.


 Live demonstrations

The multitude of visitors to our super booth experienced the patented Next Gen 600s Batch Seed Coater in action, designed to safeguard, uniform, and improve the quality of seed. Our coaters ensure every batch of seed is precisely coated, encrusted, or palleted, and they can produce pelleted vegetable and grass seeds up to 1200% build.

Our GTE Batch Seed Coaters stand out in the market due to the built-in automated self-cleaning system. The patented automated rotor and stator cleaning system guarantee optimal performance, saving you both time and money.

In addition to our coater, the GTE Fluidised Bed Dryer was demonstrated. This sustainable state-of-the-art dryer is designed to consume 20% – 30% less energy from a heat source than other dryers in the market. GTE is a pioneer in ‘true fluidisation’ conveying, with 100% product moment by air to reduce the risk of seed coat rub-off and enable uniformed drying of high-build seed coat (up to 1200% build in a single pass batch).

AR Technology

At GTE, we provide solutions. Visitors were treated to a fully immersive and guided augmented reality (AR) experience at our booth, showcasing our complete range of seed processing equipment. Through AR, visitors experience the impressive scale and intricate details of our seed processing and enhancement equipment. Furthermore, our experts were on hand to offer tailored recommendations to match each individual’s unique production requirements. We were thrilled to see so many visitors leave our booth feeling informed, inspired, and ready to take their seed processing operations to the next level.

Watch the 28th Asian Seed Congress highlights video, produced by Tourism New Zealand.

Success and looking to the future

Congratulations to The Asia and Pacific Seed Alliance (APSA) and New Zealand Grain and Seed Trade Association (NZGSTA) on hosting this exceptional event – from the thought-provoking keynote speakers to the first-rate exhibitors and grand banquet award night.

It was an ideal setting to establish meaningful connections, explore new possibilities, address the evolving challenges in the seed industry, and continue to build strong relationships with our partners PETKUS and Profile Industries.

We look forward to seeing you all again in China for the next Asian Seed Congress 2024.