ISF World Seed Congress – Navigating into the Next Century

Experience Innovation in Seed Enhancement with GTE.


The 2024 International Seed Federation (ISF) World Seed Congress brought together professionals from around the globe, from research and development to seed testing, engineers and manufacturers, to distribution, under this year’s theme “Navigating into the Next Century.”

Renowned as a market leader, the Netherlands excels in advancing horticultural seed technologies. Set within the dynamic agricultural landscape of Rotterdam, the ISF World Seed Congress provided an ideal platform for fostering connections and nurturing innovative concepts alongside global industry professionals.

Shared journey, shared success.

At the opening ceremony, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands highlighted the importance of international connections for the seed industry, stressing the importance of this role in driving growth and innovation.

“I often meet with plant breeders to see what’s happening on the ground, and everywhere I go, I hear the same thing. International connections are absolutely vital in your sector, just as routes and vessels are vital for our plants; without them, there would be no growth and life.”
– His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands.

Watch the International Seed Federation’s World Seed Congress opening ceremony. 

Our experts, Nick Smith and Rajiv Iyer, were present to answer all inquiries related to seed processing, sorting, and enhancement technologies.

Experience Innovation

At the ISF World Seed Congress, GTE showcased its range of innovative technologies tailored to seed enhancement, presenting a vision for tomorrow’s seed technologies for today.

Undoubtedly, our industry-leading batch seed coater and fluidised bed dryer were standout features at our booth. The GTE batch seed coaters employ the most precise coating technology to ensure optimal results every time. The exclusive patented automated rotor and stator cleaning system saves time and money and protects seed quality.


Live demonstrations

Guests were offered the opportunity to experience the 250FB Dryer in action. Designed and manufactured by GTE’s proficient in-house team, this remarkable feat was achieved in an incredibly short timeframe of only 3 ½ weeks. Following its swift creation, the 250FB Dryer was airfreighted from Australia to ISF World Seed Congress.


Efficient. Versatile. Gentle.

GTE’s energy-saving fluidised bed dryers ensure gentle product movement by air, guaranteeing no vibrating parts, reducing mechanical damage and treatment rub-off. Our dryers have the unique ability to self-heal cracked seed coats and can uniform batch drying of high build seed coat up to 1200% in a single pass.

Seeding the future.

Congratulations to ISF on hosting this world-class congress ­- from the thought-provoking keynote speakers to the first-rate exhibitors and a remarkable opening ceremony.  It was the ideal environment to explore new possibilities, address the evolving challenges within the seed industry, and further cultivate robust relationships.

GTE remains committed to keeping the seed, feed and food industry moving forward and evolving to meet changing demands.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.